StudioPress Themes + Genesis Framework

You have to install Genesis Framework before installing any StudioPress child theme. This is very important.

Genesis Design Palette Pro is a Plugin. You can choose to install or not.

***Please read Troubleshooting & FAQ for Installation Guide, How to Update, Turning off License Activation Notices, etc.

Genesis Framework3.3.3Download
Genesis Design Palette Pro (plugin)1.7Download
Academy Pro1.0.7Download
Agency Pro3.1.5Download
Agent Focused Pro1.0Download
AgentPress Pro3.1.3Download
Altitude Pro1.4.0Download
Ambiance Pro1.1.4Download
Aspire Pro1.3Download
Atmosphere Pro1.1.3Download
Author Pro1.2.4Download
Authority Pro1.4.1Download
Beautiful Pro1.1Download
Breakthrough Pro1.3.0Download
Brunch Pro4.2.0Download
Business Pro1.1.0Download
Café Pro1.1.0Download
Cook’d Pro4.2.0Download
Corporate Pro1.1.1Download
Course Maker Pro2.0.3Download
Daily Dish Pro2.0.0Download
Digital Pro1.1.3Download
Divine Pro1.0.7Download
Education Pro3.0.2Download
Elegance Pro2.0.1Download
eleven40 Pro2.2.3Download
Enterprise Pro2.1.2Download
Essence Pro1.4.0Download
Executive Pro3.2.3Download
Foodie Pro4.2.0Download
Gallery Pro1.2.0Download
Generate Pro2.1.1Download
Glam Pro1.0.3Download
Hello! Pro3.0.1Download
Infinity Pro1.3.2Download
Kickstart Pro1.3.7Download
Kreativ Pro1.2.2Download
Lifestyle Pro3.2.4Download
Magazine Pro3.6.0Download
Mai Law Pro1.3.0Download
Mai Lifestyle Pro1.3.0Download
Maker Pro1.0.1Download
Market Pro1.1.0Download
Metro Pro2.2.2Download
Milan Pro1.1Download
Minimum Pro3.2.1Download
Modern Studio Pro2.2.2Download
Monochrome Pro1.5.1Download
Navigation Pro1.0.1Download
News Pro3.3.0Download
Niche Pro1.0.0Download
No Sidebar Pro1.0.4Download
Outfitter Pro1.0.2Download
Outreach Pro3.1Download
Parallax Pro1.3.3Download
Pretty Chic Pro1.0.1Download
Pretty Creative Pro3.0.1Download
Refined Pro1.1.0Download
Revolution Pro1.2.0Download
Showcase Pro2.0.2Download
Simply Pro1.0Download
Sixteen Nine Pro1.1Download
Slush Pro1.2.0Download
Smart Passive Income Pro1.1.3Download
Studio Pro2.3.0Download
Wellness Pro1.1.4Download
Workstation Pro1.1.3Download